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"We change the molecular structure of water to do amazing things in replacing harmful chemicals across various applications." - Pollis Robertson, Jr. CEO

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Hypochlorous Acid may be the best technology that you NEVER heard of….. background story of how we found it.
We did not invent Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL), “Mother Nature” did as part of our immune system! HOCL is produced by our white blood cells to fight infection.  We simply produce it outside of the body.  I fell in love with it and helped make it better accessible for the every day consumer. I first encountered HOCL in my food processing business, when our customer introduced a technology that could sanitize our production lines in half the time without harmful chemicals. Ironically, our customer was the Clorox company who owns Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. When I was told that the only ingredients in the solution were salt, water, and electricity, I was a skeptic, but the data convinced me otherwise. From that moment on, HOCL consumed me. “Why are we not able to purchase this for every day use”? I thought to myself. I assembled a team and we learned as much as we could about Hypochlorous Acid and the many uses and potential applications it could serve. Although we were primarily focused on cleaning and sanitizing we had some amazing discoveries. One of our favorites is how HOCL extends the lives of flowers. We once kept a rose flower alive for 34 days using our solution. It’s true! We affectionately named this flower “Zombie Rose”. Another “ridiculous” experiment was the “gold fish” experiment. We purchased two identical gold fish and placed them in separate fish bowls. The only thing that we did differently was treat one bowl with HOCL in the water. The HOCL bowl never had issues with Algae in the bowl and the water remained crystal clear during the 30 day experiment. What we did not anticipate was the affect it had on the fish. The HOCL treated gold fish had grown 50% larger than the fish in the non treated bowl. HOCL promotes a healthier environment allowing the fish to grow larger without typical bacterial contaminants in it’s water. Similarly, in the case of a rose, there was no algae or bacteria available to clog the stems of the water–so the water intake of the flower was greater thereby keeping the flower alive a lot longer.

I could go on and on about the marvels and science of HOCL.  If you want to hear more just reach out to us, we love to share!


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