Tru Clean Disinfectant


One Gallon Tru Clean Hospital Grade Disinfectant- Kills 99.9% of Germs and Viruses- Safe for schools


Rethink Harmful Chemicals during your fight against bacteria and deadly viruses with Tru Clean one gallon size!

Great for refills, spraying, fogging.  Best disinfectant choice for schools and daycares.  Kills 99.9% of  germs and viruses with no harmful chemicals or toxins!  Discover the power of hypochlorous with Tru Clean.

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Less Chemical Exposure Equals Greater Protection Against Bacteria and Viruses With Tru Clean!

“Less is More” with Tru Clean, try this powerful, revolutionary disinfectant spray that eliminates pathogens and preserves the environment, all while keeping your surfaces free from bacteria.  If you are looking for a surface disinfectant or sanitizer spray, consider this five gallon ready to use formula.  Tru Clean is a natural disinfectant that is great for commercial cleaning or home cleaning.  Tru Clean is a non-toxic, EPA registered, Hospital Grade Disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs and viruses without the use of harsh chemicals or fumes.  It is powered by Hypochlorous acid as the active ingredient.  Hypochlorous is made with only salt, water, and and electricity, via a process called electrolysis to give the solution its empowerment to fight germs and viruses naturally.  Pathogens cannot build up an immunity or resistance to Tru Clean because it kills germs “mechanically”, that is it physically kills germs by saturating them until they deconstruct rather than poisoning them chemically like traditional chemical cleaners.  This makes Tru Clean Ideal for schools, day cares, nursing homes, workplaces and homes. Tru Clean works great with your leaning service in electrostatic sprayers, fogging and misting machines without fear of overwhelming people with toxic fumes.  In fact, Tru Clean handles like saline water or swimming pool water, making it a safer choice for your employees, guest, or little ones!

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